viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Red Star most popular team in Serbia

A survey in Mediana center in Serbia confirmed Red Star Belgrade as the most popular club with 43% of the votes.

Institute for market research and media, Mediana Adria from Belgrade, made a football survey which examined voters' preferences regarding football in Serbia. Red Star Belgrade has been voted as the most popular team in Serbia with 43% of the votes, closely followed by their city rivals Partizan with 32.3%. 20% of the voters do not support any Serbian club, while rest of the clubs are split between 5.3% of the total votes.

Statistics imply to further problems that are rocking Serbian football – only 7.2% of self-proclaimed Red Star fans follow their team at their home matches, while Partizan's fans are even less loyal as only 4.5% claim they do attend their matches.

Red Star's fans have picked Valencia forward Nikola Žigić as their favourite player (9.5%), while Partizan's have chosen former Red Star midfielder Siniša Mihajlović, who received 10% of the votes.

Source: Extra Football (2007)

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